MEM students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree conferred by both the School of Engineering and the School of Business.

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MEM Banquet 2017

On Monday April 3, 2017, MEM students, alumni, senior design sponsors, industrial advisory board members, faculty and staff celebrated the coming close of the school year at the annual MEM Banquet. Mr. Leo Veilleux, Chief Engineer at United Technologies Aerospace Systems, gave the keynote speech on his company’s many levels of engineering and their vision for the future.

Top-performing MEM undergraduates received scholarships from the Dymax Corporation and the Donald Hempel Memorial Fund. This year’s student-nominated “Top Dog” award winner was Scott Washburn, while senior Stephen Gallo took home the Top Scholar award for his outstanding academic performance over four years in the program. See pictures of all of the award and scholarship recipients below.

See more of the banquet photos from the event below!

MEM Students Tour Dymotek’s Manufacturing Facility

MEM students and faculty visited Dymotek, a molding and assembling facility in Ellington CT. Mr. Norman Forest, CEO of the company welcomed everyone, and his staff guided our students throughout the plant. Dymotek has adopted automation as its principal manufacturing method. They observed the production processes being performed by different types of industrial robots throughout the plant floors. It was truly a valuable learning experience for our students!

MEM 2212 class outside of Dymotek

MEM Student Saves Company $1 Million

During the eight months that UConn senior Lindsey Gilson ’17 (BUS, ENG) worked at Unilever, she led two projects that saved the company over $1 million and improved its inventory system.

Gilson, who is a Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) major, found that the company’s grocery inventory system had flaws that caused it to report product availability incorrectly.

“People would go to the shelves and say, ‘I really want this size of mayonnaise, but it’s not there,’” Gilson said. “They either didn’t buy it, or they bought a competitor’s mayonnaise.”

For her exceptional work with Unilever, Gilson was named UConn Co-op of the year for 2016 and Intern of the Year by the American Society for Engineering Education. (UConn refers to her eight-month stint at Unilever as a Co-op, or Cooperative Educational Experience, while the American Society for Engineering Education defines her term as an internship.)

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