MEM students graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree conferred by both the School of Engineering and the School of Business.

Top Dog Award

The MEM program has a recognition for our top students. The award is called “Top Dog” since we are all Huskies!

The criterion for an MEM student to be considered for this prestigious recognition is:

  • A graduating senior, or junior, of high academic scholarship
  • A student who freely assists other MEM students in achieving academic success
  • A student who consistently volunteers to serve at Open House and other outreach events
  • A student who treats professors and staff with respect
  • A student who mentors those who aspire to be MEM students
  • An individual who possesses impeccable character and a positive upbeat demeanor that all can aspire to emulate

The Top Dog award is presented at the annual MEM banquet. The 2015 Top Dog was Mr. Aaron R. Hagewood, class of 2015. Mr. Hagewood is pictured below receiving his well-deserved award.

IMG_0351top dog pix 1