MEM is an independent academic program that belongs to both the School of Engineering and the School of Business. The students majoring in MEM graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree conferred by both the School of Engineering and the School of Business.

Frank Cunha

Office: Engineering II, Room 312
Phone: (860) 881-0743


Frank J. Cunha, Ph.D., P.E.

Management for Engineering and Manufacturing, MEM,

Mechanical Engineering, ME,  Departments                         


Ph. D., P.E., Mechanical Engineering, New York University.

Focus Area:

Manufacturing Processes, Turbomachinery Design Development, Advanced Thermodynamics, Energy Systems, Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue, Fluid Dynamics, Advanced Heat Transfer.


Professor-in-Residence, MEM and ME Departments 2019, United Technologies Pratt-Whitney Nov 1999 – March 2015 and April 1998 – Oct 1998 Development Leader for design of military and commercial aircraft engines, turbines, combustors and afterburners over 100 US patents, Siemens-Westinghouse Corporation  Oct 1998 – Nov 1999 and March 1997 – April 1998 Principal Engineer development of land-based gas turbines 2 patents, General Electric Company January 1990 – Oct 1996 and June 1979 – Dec 1980 Edison and Staff Engineer responsible for the development of  heavy-duty gas turbines 14 patents, Public Service Electric and Gas Company March 1981 – August 1989 Electrical Power Generation Staff Engineer.

Selected Publications:

Cunha, F.J., Gas Turbine Heat Transfer, Turbine Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer, Materials and Mechanics, Progress and Astronautics and Aeronautics, Vol. 243, ISBN-13: 978-1624102639.

Cunha, F.J., Turbine Heat Transfer Analysis, Gas Turbine Handbook, United States Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Cunha, F.J., Trailing Edge Cooling for Gas Turbines, Special Section on Turbine Science and Technology, AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power.

Cunha, F.J., Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technologies VII “Turbine Edge Cooling, United States Air Force, Air Force Material Command, Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory.

Cunha, F.J., Enhanced Turbine Airfoil Lifing for Long Hot Missions, United States Air Force, Air Force Material Command, Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory.

“Heat Transfer on Internal Surfaces of a Duct Subjected to Impingement of a Jet Array with Varying Jet Hole-Size and Spacing”, Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol.128.

“Effects of Coating Blockage and Deposit on Film-Cooling Effectiveness and Surface Heat Transfer”, AIAA 2006-0024.

Thermal-Mechanical Life Prediction System for Anisotropic Turbine Components Journal of Turbomachinery, TURBO-05-1110.

“Measured Adiabatic Effectiveness and Heat Transfer for Blowing from Tip of a Turbine Blade”, Journal of Turbomachinery, TURBO-04-1094, Vol. 125.

“Cooling the Tip of a Turbine Blade Using Pressure Side Holes – Part 1: Film Effectiveness”, Journal of Turbomachinery, TURBO-04-1095, Vol. 125.

“Cooling the Tip of a Turbine Blade Using Pressure Side Holes – Part 2: Heat Transfer Measurements”, Journal of Turbomachinery, TURBO-04-1096, Vol. 125.

“Comparison of Measurements and Predictions for Blowing from Turbine Blade Tip”, AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 21.

“Adiabatic Effectiveness Measurements and Predictions of Leakage Flows on a Blade End-wall”, Journal of Turbomachinery, TURBO-04-1164.

“Inverse-BEM, Method to Determine Surface Temperatures at Inaccessible Surfaces” ASME.

Selected Patents:

  1. US 5,253,976, “Integrated Steam and Air Cooling for Combined Cycle Gas Turbines”.
  2. US 8,131,285, “RMC-Defined Tip Blowing Slots for Turbine Blades”.
  3. US 5,636,439, “Methods for Coating and Securing Multi-Vane Nozzle Segments”.
  4. US 9,322,560, “Combustor Bulkhead Assembly”.
  5. US 8,713,909, “Elimination of Unfavorable Outflow Margin”.
  6. US 7,988,418, “Microcircuits for Small Engines”.
  7. US 7,866,370, “Blades, Casting Cores and Methods”.
  8. US 7,686,580, “Turbine Element”.
  9. US 7,581,928, “Serpentine Microcircuits for Hot Gas Migration”.
  10. US 20140327056A1, ”Gas Turbine Engine Combustor”.