MEM is an independent academic program that belongs to both the School of Engineering and the School of Business. The students majoring in MEM graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree conferred by both the School of Engineering and the School of Business.

MEM Students Solve Industry Problems, Discuss Solutions During Senior Design Demonstration Day

The Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) seniors impressed the judges on Senior Design Demonstration Day with the quality and innovation of their work.

Eight project teams competed in the April 28 event before judges from industry, senior design sponsors and faculty. All three winning teams consisted of students from two majors, MEM and Mechanical Engineering (ME).

The first place winners were a team of students who developed a cost-effective manufacturing and distribution process for Egghead Ice Cream, a pre-packaged, molded ice cream that fits into the top of an ice cream cone. The team included Dhanya Abraham (MEM), Connor Bowman (MEM), Jackson Haigis (MEM), Priya Naraine (MEM), Myles Gibbs (ME), Alexander McGuigan (ME), and Shanil Savla (ME).

Egghead Ice Cream is the brainstorm of then 11-year-old Hannah Pucci, now a Danbury High School student, who obtained a patent for her idea. The senior design team partnered with the Pucci family to develop a cost-effective manufacturing process to make the novelty ice cream.  The team addressed manufacturing, distribution, mold plate design, packaging options, cost analysis, process flow and distribution outlets. The information helped demonstrates the viability and cost effectiveness of the concept.

The second place award was given to the team that worked with family-run Plastonics Inc., a company that was looking to improve a plastics- coating machine. The team included Matthew Getman (MEM), Lindsey Gilson (MEM), Connor Mitchell (MEM), Vinay Venkatesh (MEM), William Muenzinger (ME), Steven Nilla (ME), and Jordan Weiss (ME). The company uses powder coating for metals and its products are found in automobiles, sports equipment, springs and more. The team was tasked with improving efficiency in the small parts department, specifically to bring Mini-Coat 2 back up to production standards, resulting in additional customers. The team presented a two-component solution addressing technical enhancement and work-flow management.

The third place winning team worked to modernize Chapman Manufacturing’s automated ball machine. The team included Ying Jiang (MEM), Boyu Wang (MEM), Albion Dinkollari (ME), Kyle Dupre (ME), and William Kehoe (ME). The objective of the project was to improve the feeding process for a rotary ball machine. The goal was to design and fabricate a machine that could accomplish three tasks without requiring direct machine-operator interaction. The team was able to come up with an affordable and reliable solution that allows for easy troubleshooting and the ability to free operators for other tasks.

Egghead Ice Cream team picture

Egghead Ice Cream Team

Plastonics team picture

Plastonics Team

Chapman team picture

Chapman Team