MEM is an independent academic program that belongs to both the School of Engineering and the School of Business. The students majoring in MEM graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree conferred by both the School of Engineering and the School of Business.

Host a Company Visit

Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) students value their experiences at local business facilities. It gives them a chance to see the principles they are learning in practice in the real world. It also helps them begin to consider businesses they may want to consider for internships or their first jobs. In addition, our business partners enjoy hosting our students, knowing that it is shaping the future of their own industries by contributing to their education.

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis we are facing across the nation, we understand that this is a difficult season to bring more people into your facilities. However, because these experiences are so valuable for our students we would be happy to work with you to arrange small or abreviated tours, or virtual visits. Let us know what would work for you and we will work with you to accommodate your needs and safety measures.

If you are interested in having MEM students visit your manufacturing facility for a tour, please contact Sharon Mariotti for more information.